make a difference with one tote bag

Human Rights are Not Optional

What if, in one easy step, you could eliminate someone’s risk of being exploited by:
• providing meaningful employment
• providing basic human rights, such as education and food
• giving hope

Turns out you can!
Welcome to World For Good.

We are on a mission to:
• redefine what a social enterprise is
• provide beautiful unique products that support the underserved
• make a real difference in a big way

Every tote bag purchased here helps support people that are at risk or survivors of sex trafficking, sex slavery and poverty. 

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Your effort can be as small as buying a tote bag, with a mindset of helping others. This is so simple and worthwhile. You get a good product while at the same time, you help others. When you use that reusable tote bag at the grocery store or at the farmers market, it will feel extra good knowing you helped someone. 

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