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  • Oval Handle Tote

    This is the perfect bag to hold heavy items. The handles become one with the bag itself. So go ahead and load it up! Approx.16.5” wide x 13” high. Machine wash and dry. **Colors and sizes will vary (mostly jewel tones)
  • Small Drawstring Bag

    Perfect for carrying fruits and vegetables while grocery shopping. Also great for unique gift-wrapping or a nice plastic-free way to store things. You will definitely want a couple of these! Approx. 10” x 10” with a drawstring at the top. Machine wash and dry. *Sizes will vary*
  • Large Fabric Bag with 6 Inside Pockets

    This extra-large bag is wonderful for separating items in the 6 inside pockets to keep safe. Can be used at the farmer’s market or as a craft bag. Approx. 14” wide, 6” deep x 13” high. Machine wash and dry.* *Sizes will vary*
  • Messenger Sling Bag

    Excellent for a school or casual work bag. The zipper keeps items inside and the stylish Velcro flap keeps everything in one place. Approx. 12” wide, 3” deep x 13” high. Machine wash and dry. *Sizes will vary*
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    We will email you an invoice within 48 hours. Delivery of product (under 25 pieces of same product) will be within 5 business days after confirmation of receiving the invoice. Payment Terms: 1st order = prepay before delivery – Reoccuring orders = net 30 – Payable by Paypal, credit/debit card, or check