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woman with bandana and heart glasses

Have you heard of the Enneagram – maybe on a podcast or in the breakroom? Enneagram is a system of personality typing that describes patterns in how people conceptualize the world and manage their emotions. The model is split into nine different personality types based on how you see the world. Our world today is filled with covered faces, which makes it difficult to “read” people and gauge their emotional reaction to you. It’s like texting but in person. To make your life easier, we have used the 9 Enneagram personality types to identify people by using just their face mask. If you don’t have time to go through the full Enneagram questionnaire to determine what type you are, just look at the face mask you wear. The Reformer Photo by Julian Wan on Unsplash The rational, idealistic type: Principled Purposeful Self-controlled Perfectionistic Although Ones have a strong sense of…

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