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According to the 2019-2020 APPA National Pet Owners Survey, 67% of U.S. households own a pet, which equates to 84.9 million homes. Of the 67% of pets, a whopping 63% are dogs. That means that 6 out of 10 people reading this have a dog and have probably taken their canine companion on a walk. I’m going to walk you through the full-body workout that I engage in each morning with my dogs. I am the mom of 3 German Shepherds. If you have ever lived with one, then you are aware that they are known for their courage, loyalty, and guarding instincts. They also need a job to do so they don’t succumb to boredom and chew the leg off your kitchen chair or empty the stuffing out of your sofa cushions. My German Shepherds have taken the initiative of creating a job for themselves by waking me up each morning…

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Happy Mothers Day Card with Magnolias

Can I get a head nod or a “YASSS” from every mom that has found herself doing the jobs of teacher, chef, nurse, IT department, as well as being the mommy for the past two months during the stay at home order? And don’t forget that you have a full-time job that you are barely hanging onto because your employment hinges on whether your employer is approved the for PPP loan. That’s a lot of plates in the air. It’s not easy, but us moms get the job done. Miraculously all homework gets finished, bellies are full and there are enough clean socks for tomorrow. Mother’s Day couldn’t have come at a better time. Mom’s everywhere have been running full throttle during COVID-19 and it’s time to slow down, if only for a day. We’ve come up with some ideas that will help moms forget about the pandemic for a…

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Child predators love the stay at home order. The COVID-19 pandemic has forced almost all children to be exposed to more online communication than what they have been used to. Spending more time in the virtual world can leave children at all ages, genders and colors vulnerable to online sexual exploitation as predators take full advantage of the stay at home order. Kids are now using digital technology as, pretty much, the only way of keeping themselves connected to friends and teachers for learning, entertainment and some sort of connection. Not all kids know how to keep themselves safe online. As a mom of two boys, I make sure that our firewall is secure and that our privacy settings are updated. But all that “protection” means nothing if the predator is invited into my son’s virtual world as a friend or a friend of a friend. And believe me, these…

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This month we watched hotels, restaurants and other non-essential businesses close their doors and lay off staff. Business owners must now analyze how the global pandemic disrupted “business as usual” to create space for systematic change in the operation of companies. When the economy resumes, businesses have a unique opportunity to evaluate operations and pivot to a triple bottom line approach. Because when companies value people, planet, and prosperity over profit alone, we all win. After working as the Marketing Director for the only bank in the Southeastern United States that operated with a triple bottom line, I can attest that companies that are purpose-driven gain more trust and lasting brand supporters in their industry than any other.   The Triple Bottom Line The triple bottom line (TBL) was coined in 1994 by John Elkington and is a framework or theory that recommends that companies commit to focusing on social…

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