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Social washing is the new buzz word that has emerged from the misrepresentation of companies appearing more socially responsible than they actually are. You may have heard of greenwashing when companies put marketing-friendly words such as “sustainable,” “natural,” “green,” or “environmentally-friendly” on labels to misguide consumers into making them think that these products are eco-friendly or green, when in fact they are not. Social washing is the same, except it relates to the treatment of human capital. If shopping with values and purpose wasn’t hard enough, now companies are tricking consumers into thinking that employees and community are their top priority. COVID-19 has provided consumers the rare opportunity to evaluate the legitimacy of a company’s commitments to social good and assess that company’s priorities. The impact of shelter-in-place orders has forced companies to make difficult decisions that can place the interests of their shareholders in conflict with those of their…

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This month we watched hotels, restaurants and other non-essential businesses close their doors and lay off staff. Business owners must now analyze how the global pandemic disrupted “business as usual” to create space for systematic change in the operation of companies. When the economy resumes, businesses have a unique opportunity to evaluate operations and pivot to a triple bottom line approach. Because when companies value people, planet, and prosperity over profit alone, we all win. After working as the Marketing Director for the only bank in the Southeastern United States that operated with a triple bottom line, I can attest that companies that are purpose-driven gain more trust and lasting brand supporters in their industry than any other.   The Triple Bottom Line The triple bottom line (TBL) was coined in 1994 by John Elkington and is a framework or theory that recommends that companies commit to focusing on social…

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